Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hangin' With the Hawks

A few weeks ago J bought court side tickets for the Dec 29th Hawks game so we could see Atlanta play the Cleveland Cavs. More so to see the Cavs than the Hawks but really just for the overall experience. It started out as a date night but at the last minute we decided to take Kate with us and boy are we glad we did. She LOVED it and hasn't stopped telling everyone she sees that "I go ballgame with daddy." I promise I was there even if she doesn't acknowledge it :)

Atlanta traffic was crazy so we didn't get to the game as early as we would've liked but we made it in plenty of time to see warm ups and take in the whole scene. Our seats were AMAZING!

Harry Hawk started things out with a bang. And by the way, Harry has learned some new dance moves since the last time I was at a Hawks game. He's pretty impressive these days.

I told you our seats were amazing...and yes we really were that close. Poor J's knees were in this assistant coach's back, I don't think he really minded though.

Here's the tip off... Let the game begin.

Kate spotted a few famous faces on the court. Well, ok, maybe all the faces were somewhat famous but some were superstars.

Shaq is even bigger than he looks on TV. And J swears that he stopped, looked, and then smiled at Kate when she called out his name while waiting on an inbound pass.

These guys were taking a break during a timeout. And once again, no zoom, we really were that close!

But this guy is the real reason we got these super cool seats. Now we can all say we have seen Lebron James, one of the most amazing basketball players of our time up close and personal.

And the icing on the cake? Seeing Usher (black toboggan in right center of picture), Chris Brown (to the left of Usher behind the photographer in the Atlanta Braves hat), and Akon (in white shirt to the left of Braves hat).

But the thing that J and I will never forget...

getting Kate's picture with "The Human Highlight Film" Dominique Wilkins.

Thanks J for a night full of wonderful memories!